Pre-K Overview

The Preschool and Pre-K programs at Skribbles are a high quality, fully functional learning environment. We offer the children the opportunity to discover their world with hands-on exploration. The classrooms are equipped with numerous supplies and materials to encourage their growth and development. The areas of learning include a dramatic play corner, language development, building area, music center, arts and crafts, science, math, and computer center. For many children, preschool is the first experience interacting with a group of children. Skribbles offers your child a fun place to play, make new friends and develop important social skills.

  • Concentration in early reading and math skills
  • Promote creative thinking
  • Fun and inviting enviroment
  • Top notch curriculum

The Details

The curriculum is made up of ten themes chosen by Skribbles Learning Center and implemented by the staff. This allows the staff to plan the curriculum based on the designated group of children. In addition, the children will focus on numbers, letters, beginning writing, and math skills. Our Preschool Program is a mixed age group of children 3 to 5 years. For children ready to learn more writing skills and eager for more structure, we offer The Pre-K Program. This class is developed for children age 4 through 5 years (or the one year prior to entering Kindergarten). In addition to Skribbles challenging curriculum, we incorporate the Handwriting Without Tears program to begin children on their way to writing and forming letters. The Preschool and Pre-K classrooms are licensed for 10 children per 1 staff member. All Skribbles staff members are certified by the Department of Early Education and Care, and are certified in child first aid and CPR.

Age Group
4 Years - 5 Years
Class Size
20 Children
Pricing (Full Time Rate)
$ 332 Per Week


Reading with TLC offers research-based, clinically proven methods and materials, and provides professional development opportunities for those training phonemic awareness, phonics, and sight word acquisition. Comprised of Lively Letters and Sight Words You Can See, Reading with TLC is utilized in all three tiers of the Response to Intervention model of instruction. This creative program is used throughout the U.S., and globally, as an important part of, or supplement to, the core reading curriculum in grades Pre-K – 2. It is also used as an intervention program for students of all ages, including teenagers and adults. The explicit, multisensory approach is effective with all types of learners and addresses the needs of students with various learning challenges, including students with reading disabilities, speech and language disorders, and memory weaknesses. It is also successfully used with those learning English as a second language. The methods and materials consistently yield quick, dramatic gains in the critical skills for reading and spelling, while the fun factor makes it an enjoyable experience for students and teachers alike.

Lively Letters, by Nancy Telian, MS, CCC-SLP, trains phonemic awareness and phonics skills. This program turns abstract letters and sounds into “lively” characters by embedding letters into colorful pictures that show students what to do with their mouths when making the sounds. Engaging music, pictures, hand/body cues, oral kinesthetic cues, and mnemonic stories are key features of this powerful, yet fun, program. Students systematically progress from learning isolated letter sounds with picture cues to reading and spelling multisyllable words in books and on paper.

Sight Words You Can See, by Penny Castagnozzi, uses humorous stories and mnemonic pictures drawn into sight words that don’t follow the regular rules of phonics, such as “what,” “have,” and “come.” It has been hailed by teachers whose students are finally able to learn their sight words, reading more fluently and moving from controlled, phonetically decodable text to higher leveled literature.

Pre-K Themes: All about me, The Five Senses, Apples, Back to School; In My Town; Animal Habitats, Hibernation, Day and Night; Holiday Magic (Different ways to celebrate); Games Galore!, Fables, Folklore and Fairytales; Super Science (Measuring, Mixing, Growing, Recycling, Space, Planets, Robots); Fun with Numbers (matching, counting, value, size, sequence), Telling Time; Farmer’s Market, Gardens (plants and vegetables); World of Opposites; Water World, Rainforest, Weather.


Optional Enrichment Programs

Skribbles has optional programs available to your child on site. Please see your child’s teacher or the Director for more information and registration forms. Fees apply.

o Tumblebus Program available to children age 2 and up

o Kik Start Sports Program for children age 2 and up

o Music with Mr. Vic bi-weekly for all students

What The Parents Say