Preschool Overview

The Preschool and Pre-K programs at Skribbles are a high quality, fully functional learning environment. We offer the children the opportunity to discover their world with hands-on exploration. The classrooms are equipped with numerous supplies and materials to encourage their growth and development. The areas of learning include a dramatic play corner, language development, building area, music center, arts and crafts, science, math, and computer center. For many children, preschool is the first experience interacting with a group of children. Skribbles offers your child a fun place to play, make new friends and develop important social skills.

  • In-depth learning experience
  • Hands-on exploration
  • Knowledgeable and experienced teachers
  • High quality curriculum

The Details

The curriculum is made up of ten themes chosen by Skribbles Learning Center and implemented by the staff. This allows the staff to plan the curriculum based on the designated group of children. In addition, the children will focus on numbers, letters, beginning writing, and math skills. Our Preschool Program is a mixed age group of children 3 to 5 years. For children ready to learn more writing skills and eager for more structure, we offer The Pre-K Program. This class is developed for children age 4 through 5 years (or the one year prior to entering Kindergarten). In addition to Skribbles challenging curriculum, we incorporate the Handwriting Without Tears program to begin children on their way to writing and forming letters. The Preschool and Pre-K classrooms are licensed for 10 children per 1 staff member. All Skribbles staff members are certified by the Department of Early Education and Care, and are certified in child first aid and CPR.

Age Group
3 Years - 5 Years
Class Size
20 Children
Pricing (Full Time Rate)
$ 332 Per Week


Preschool is the heart of early education. This is the age where most children are exposed to friends and classmates for the first time. The main focus in our preschool classrooms is to provide the children with much needed socialization and self-help skills. These are important to prepare children for grade school. Our classrooms offer a variety of play areas to learn fine motor, gross motor and cognitive skills as well as arts and crafts. We have a well-rounded curriculum that is developed by our preschool staff to best suit the needs of your children. By allowing our staff to select their activities, they are able to choose the areas that are appealing to the children in their classrooms. This also builds confidence as the children are most likely to participate in enjoyable activities. As the children show readiness for more academics, teh teachers will use the Handwriting without Tears program to teach the children how to begin letter and number recognition as well as early writing skills. The HWT program will continue as the children progress into our Pre-K classroom as well.

Curriculum 1 Themes: All about me (sight, smell, sound, taste, touch), Self concept; Feelings, Apples, Back to School; My Family (families at home and families at work); Animals in My World: (farm, pets, animals of the woods); Colors in My World; Winter, Many ways to Travel (air, rail, road, space and water transportation); Community Workers and Helpers, Day and Night; Food in My World; Water around Me; Tools and Machines in My World; Mathematics in My Everyday World; , Creepy Crawlies, Insects and spiders, reptiles, Summer.

Curriculum Themes: All About Me; Feelings; Apples; Back to School; The Land Before Time; Exploring Dinosaurs, Things in the Sky; Things that Fly; Friends and Family; Homes we live in; Vacations and Traveling, Roads, streets and street signs; The Works of Eric Carle; Health and Nutrition, Dentist, Doctor, Handwashing, Body Parts; Construction Zone, Building, digging, trucks ; All Kinds of Sports, Music, Movement and Motion; Campout Fun, The Great Outdoors; Under The Sea, Hawaiian Luau .


Optional Enrichment Programs

Skribbles has optional programs available to your child on site. Please see your child’s teacher or the Director for more information and registration forms. Fees apply.

o Tumblebus Program available to children age 2 and up

o Kik Start Sports Program for children age 2 and up

o Music with Mr. Vic bi-weekly for all students

What The Parents Say