Toddler and Two's Overview

The Toddler Program at Skribbles is a very energetic environment. Toddlers are quite curious and we offer them a variety of equipment and materials to explore. Our toddler classrooms promote the children to develop socially, physically, and emotionally at their own pace, while developing a sense of trust. Your child will have a great place to develop socially with a highly dedicated, motivated staff. The children will learn self-help skills on a daily basis, including, eating, dressing, cleaning, and helping around the classroom. Toddlers learn best by imitation and our staff demonstrates positive actions. Our Toddler Program promises to promote learning and discovery in a variety of ways, such as: Water play, block play, housekeeping, library, puzzles, arts and crafts, gross motor play, and through music.

  • Warm and caring environment
  • Social, emotional and physical development
  • Playful and dedicated teachers
  • Explorative Curriculum

The Details

A toddler’s day at Skribbles is fun-filled, busy, surrounded with numerous toys and equipment, and the emphasis is on “playing to learn”. Our toddler classrooms are licensed for nine children with two staff members. Our Toddler classrooms hold children ages 15 months through 2.9 years. At our Main Street location, Our unique Two’s class keeps children stimulated on a preschool curriculum with a toddler ratio. It’s the best of both worlds for children age 2.6-3.6 years old. We call this our Transition Preschool Class. In addition to the above toddler program, this classroom will also focus on preschool readiness skills. Children in this classroom will learn letter recognition skills and self help skills such as potty training. All staff members are Teacher Certified by the Department of Early Education and Care and are certified in child first aid and CPR.

Age Group
15 Months - 2.9 Years
Class Size
9 Children
Pricing (Full Time Rate)
$ 385 Per Week


Infants and Toddlers

Our Infant and Toddler curriculum is based on the idea that young children learn best with “hands-on” experiences. Children are encouraged to interact with their caregivers, peers and objects in the classrooms. During the learning process, children will discover the world around them through exploring and playing with the various items throughout the classrooms. Infants and Toddlers will also learn to develop a sense of trust in their caregivers that their needs will be met while being provided with a loving, caring environment during their days away from home. Our young Infant and Toddler classrooms are arranged to promote learning in a safe comfortable and secure environment. Each area is organized around specific needs including play, movement, meal time and diapering.

Our classroom schedules in the infant and young toddler classrooms provide a both a predictable and flexible routine including arrival, free choice activities, circle times, meals, outdoor and departure times. In addition, time is included on an individual schedule to accommodate young infant and toddler eating, diapering and sleeping schedules. As our Infants age, we will work closely with them to help prepare them for a true toddler schedule.

Curriculum 1 Themes: All about me, Apples; Pumpkins, Leaves, Nature ; My Family, Homes, Teddy Bears, Foods; All kinds of hats, Clothing, Winter, Weather; Going to the Circus; Zoo Animals; Puppets; Pets (dogs, cats, fish, birds), Mail Carrier; Shapes; Buildings; All Kinds of Brushes; Getting Wet! (Rain, Water, Bubbles); Birds; Gardens – plants and flowers, fruits and vegetables; Sand; Wheels; Sports; Bugs.

Curriculum 2 Themes: Balls, Bears, Bubbles, Butterflies; Pumpkins, Leaves, Nature ; Fruits and Vegetables; Friends and Families; Winter Fun! Sledding, Snowmen, Penguins; Who’s at the Zoo?; Time for Helping; Pets Parade; Time for Playing; Things that Go! Wheels, Cars and Movement; Wet and Wild; Turtles, Fish, Frogs and Rubber Ducks; Fun on the Farm; Nursery Rhymes; Fun at the Beach: Sand, Digging, Summer, Sunshine.



As our toddlers become more independent, we know that they are ready for a new level of excitment. While we continue to offer some aspects of our toddler classrroms, We are very happy to offer this unique classroom to our older toddlers and young preschoolers. Our Two’s class is a designated group of children age 2.3-3.6. In this classroom our children enter as toddlers and exit as preschoolers, ready to take on a full preschool curriculum. This classroom offers all the thrills of preschool in a smaller environment. Children in this classroom are heavily focusing on self-help skills and socialization to prepare the for a larger group size. Potty training is another major focus in this classroom where the children can learn in an intimate setting. This really is an ideal classroom and merges the small group size of a toddler class with a special program designed for Two’s and makes the transition to preschool effortless.

Two’s Themes: Alphabet Soup! Fun with Letters, School Time Fun, Apples; Down on the Farm; Barnyard Animals, Fall; Off to the Grocery Store, All kinds of Food; Simple Science! Mixing colors, Magnets, Sink or float; Colors all around Me; Counting Fun; Community Helpers; Post Office; Shapes in My World; Building, digging, trucks, construction; Beach Time Fun; Life in the Ocean; What’s in the sky?, Circus Fun; Bug Hunt! All about bugs and creepy crawlies.

Optional Enrichment Programs

Skribbles has optional programs available to your child on site. Please see your child’s teacher or the Director for more information and registration forms. Fees apply.

o Tumblebus Program available to children age 2 and up

o Kik Start Sports Program for children age 2 and up

o Music with Mr. Vic bi-weekly for all students

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